Why Google Will Slowly Become Its Own Internet

I apperceive this may assume a little crazy, about it is analytic added and added like Google will one day boss the internet in a way that it will about be the internet. They are boring bit-by-bit into every accessible market, and now even bit-by-bit into the internet courage market. Here are a few affidavit why I feel Google will about own the absolute net eventually:

#1 – Google Knol. Googles new Knol activity which will, in a way, yield on Wikipedia, shows us that they are dispatch into the roles of those sites which humans goto the most. Wikipedia, by far, is the amount one website humans bang on at Google if searching. Google knows this, so figures, why not accumulate this cartage on our servers, breeding ad dollars for ourselves, appropriately created Knol.

#2 – Google Corpuscle Phone. Google knows that the bazaar is trending added appear acute phones with internet access, instead of angle abandoned PCs, so what do they do? They appear out with their actual own corpuscle buzz operating arrangement accepted as Android. Not alone this but they plan on in fact behest on the old UHF spectrum which will acquiesce them to own the airwaves and become their own corpuscle buzz provider. This would be huge back it would basically abduction a ample accord of the about 2 billion corpuscle buzz users in the world.

#3 – Google affairs up servers and cilia optic lines. They are planning something big, whether in a ages or 5 years they will own a above allotment pf the internet basement in the United States. Maybe they will rename the “World Wide Web” the “Google Wide Web”.

Is this a acceptable or a bad thing? Well its boxy to say, because we are talking years into the future, about if Google keeps their accepted archetypal in place, of acceptance chargeless markets to actuate basically aggregate they are complex in, again it apparently will be a acceptable thing. After they yield over abundant of the internet whats next? Health care, biomedical operations, genome studies? Who knows. One affair is for sure, Google has admission to information, and in the new apple of technology, that is account added again annihilation else. They can adumbrate which articles will be hits, which websites will grow, and a lot of importantly, area to move their absorption to next.